“This is a product I cannot live without!”

“This is my personal story on how and why I became the exclusive distributor for Japanese Yame green tea for North America: In 2003 I sustained a serious injury when I had fallen off a 10 foot ladder. I ended up landing on my back folded awkwardly over the ladder. For a split second I thought I was paralyzed for I could not move my legs. Recovering from this accident was very difficult as I saw many specialists that all told me the same thing. They could inject botox around my L5 lumbar to ease the pain and load my system up with pain killing medication! This was not an option for me for many reasons. I am also in the construction field the botox would wear off only to reveal the pain once again. It was also a bad idea, as it would only mask the pain and not cure it. Being self-employed I couldn’t rely on “chance” as I had no health benefit coverage. Taking matters into my own hands, I decided to do my own research and seek out a good physiotherapist and started drinking yame green tea, after discovering it when I was in Japan. I also researched all the powerful health benefits and figured I couldn’t go wrong with trying? Taking it a step further, I contacted the Yame green tea Manufacturer in Japan to find out as much about this tea as I could. They had told me that Yame tea is used in rehabilitation centers, senior citizen complexes, health spa’s and also commonly used by the elite athletes in Japan. Still drinking this tea I started to consume more of it and saw my physiotherapist for muscle strengthening on my back. My back has never felt better and thru all of this pain I endured I discovered this powerful green tea. I am now proud to say I can help others thru their pain and suffering or to at least alleviate symptoms. It is a product I cannot live without on a daily basis as I feel so much inner energy and no joint pain from my other profession. Using this green tea for approximately 3 weeks consistently is all it takes!”

– Michael Gibson
Yame Tea

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